Course Operators

"Take advantage of your entire real estate inrtroducing new demographics to your course, with an activity that generates 

a new income stream and requires no extra maintenance."

- Laura Balestrini - CEO-AFGL



GOLF RESORTS Keep your guests on property with another activity.  MUNICIPAL COURSES Welcome everyone who lives in the city to the course for a new sport that is fun and all inclusive.  PRIVATE CLUBS Add another member benefit for families, friends and business partners.  PUBLIC COURSES Everyone who lives in your area and has never spent time or money at your course can now be a part of your clientele even though they don't play golf. FOOTGOLF IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS!

 We've helped hundreds of golf courses in all 50 states since 2011. We are the ONLY source for official equipment under the parameters of the FIFG.ORG in the United States and the only provider with a stake in the sport. We are FootGolf in the U.S. and

We bring FootGolf to You!