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How the sport of FootGolf as we know it today was created...

The sport of FootGolf as we know it today (including attire, etiquette and general rules)  was created in the Netherlands by Bas Korsten & Michael Jansen of commercial creativity agency Nothing in 2008. Loosely basing it on a post-training game played by Korsten's brother - professional soccer player Willem Korsten, during his time at English soccer club Tottenham Hotspur (1999 - 2001). When Spurs players would end training sessions by kicking the balls from the training-pitch back to the changing rooms in as few kicks as possible.


The sport was officially launched as FootGolf when Korsten, Jansen and a team of colleagues set up a national and international bond, and organised the first tournament to be played on a golf course (Nederlandse Kampioenschap FootGolf) at prestigious Golfbaan Het Rijk van Nijmegen on September 6th, 2009. This tournament, later televised on RTL7, was played by Dutch professional and ex-professional soccer players and won by Theo Janssen. 

Video courtesy of Michael Jansen

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