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American FootGolf League introduced FootGolf to North America in 2011 and today is the Major League of FootGolf in the United States. 


American FootGolf Federation is the governing body for the sport of FootGolf in the United States under the Federation for International FootGolf. 


It's in the best interest of the sport of FootGolf that it is presented in the right way.

Our Experience


We have run hundreds of FootGolf Tournaments since we started. From amateur competitions to one of the Majors of the FIFG World Tour the American FootGolf League gained the necessary experience to be the best at putting on a FootGolf event. Let's do yours together.

Since 2011

Frequently asked questions

How long should I wait to train/excercise again, after getting my tattoo?

It is recommended not to train for a week, however if you take the correct measurements, it is possible to train. If you are going to train you must avoid at all costs a hit, or friction of the skin. Also contact with contaminated surfaces, apply cream before training and wash it with antibacterial soap immediately after training.

How long do I have to wait to get into a pool or the sea?

To submerge in the pool or sea, you have to wait for the tattoo to heal completely, that is, when all dead skin has already fallen.

Is it normal to have scabbing on your fresh tattoo?

Healing in people is very different, we all regenerate differently. Some people have scabbing, others do not. In case of having grain it is very important not to tear it and let it fall naturally.

Which are the most painful places for tattoos?

Can you do colored tattoos on darker skin?

For darker skin, black and grey tattoos are recommended, because the skin functions as a filter that does not allow color saturation to be seen.

Can you cover a scar with a tattoo?


How do I keep the colors bright in my tattoos?

Using sunscreen EVERYDAY is essential for the life of your tattoos.

Our Approach


We don't have to invent anything at this point, trial and error is over. We offer what no-one else has... and that is our EXPERIENCE.


You worry about greeting your guest and let us do the rest. 

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